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EAG Consulting provides executive-level support to emerging companies to reduce their execution risk and position them for future growth and investment.  We combine broad industry experience, a rigorous analytical approach, and a professional, unbiased perspective to strengthen our client’s decisionmaking processes.  Key areas of support include:



• Business Model and Strategic Roadmap Review

• Industry, Market, and Competitive Assessment

• Strategic Partnership/Corporate Alliance Review



• International Expansion Strategy Review

• Supply Chain Design and Optimization

• Import/Export Compliance Management

• Logistics Service Provider Assessment



• Strategy and Organization Assessment

• Sales and Marketing Optimization

• Margin Analysis and Revenue Optimization

• Interim Operations Management (COO or equivalent)


Information Technology

• Strategy and Organization Assessment

• Infrastructure Assessment

• Security Planning and Assessment

• Interim IT Management (CIO or equivalent)



• Funding and Valuation Strategy Review

• Investment Document Preparation

• Accounting and Audit Management

• Financial Statement Preparation

• Accounting System Design and Implementation

• Interim Financial Management (CFO or equivalent)


Corporate Governance

• Boards of Directors/Advisors Strategy

• Board Committee Design and Implementation

• Corporate Risk and Fraud Assessment

• Internal Control Design and Implementation


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